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At Naranjamania.comyou can buy oranges onlineand have them sent straight from the grove to your table.
We offer you the best oranges and mandarins from our groves so you can enjoy all their fresh and natural goodness just as we do here.

Our citrus fruits are not treated with the chemicals which are usually used after they are picked to accelerate their ripening artificially and preserve them in refrigerators for long periods.

The picking process is selective: we only gather the oranges and mandarins which are at their optimal point of ripeness. We package them immediately and deliver them to the carrier with all the necessary documentation so that your order will arrive in less than 24 h anywhere in mainland Spain and between two and four days to any other country in the European Union. This means you can enjoy the exquisite juice and flavour of tree-ripened oranges and mandarins with their unbeatable taste and freshness.

Try oranges from Naranjamania.com and rediscover the flavour of oranges and mandarins grown using entirely natural methods.


  • Lorentina:

    This is a medium-sized mandarin or clementine with a round, slightly flattened shape. It is easy to peel. Its tender pulp melts in the mouth, it has an agreeable flavour and a high juice content. It is an early variety.

  • Clemenules:

    This is a mandarin or clementine that is very easy to peel with an optimum balance of sugars and acids. It has a good juice content. It is the main variety of clementine.

  • Nova Clemenvilla:

    This is a fairly large mandarin or clementine with an intense orange colour which makes it very attractive. It has a high juice content. Its skin is thin and tough which makes it slightly harder to peel than other varieties.

  • Tardia:

    A medium-sized clementine or mandarin with a flattened shape. It has an intense reddish-orange colour, good juice content, a satisfactory balance of sugars and acids and a thin skin which is easy to peel.

  • Navelina:

    A fair-sized orange with a rounded shape. Its skin is thin and has an intense colour. If picked when ripe it has a balanced flavour and high juice content. An ideal table and juice orange. The main variety of the first season.

  • Lane Late:

    A variety which originated in Australia. The fruit is large, round and the navel is visible from the outside. It has a sweet, pleasant flavour and low limonene content. It is the main variety of the second season. It has a long harvesting season.

  • Washington Navel:

    The fruit is large, spherical or slightly elongated. It is orange in colour. It is normally harvested after the Navelina variety. It is one of the most commonly-grown varieties in Spain and all over the world thanks to its high quality for fresh consumption. An ideal table and juice orange.

  • Valencia Late:

    This variety of orange was imported from California. The fruit is medium-sized, spherical or slightly elongated. Its skin is thin and smooth. The pulp has a high juice content, pleasant aroma and taste, and is slightly acidic. An ideal table and juice orange. It is the latest maturing variety.