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About us

Traditionally-grown, natural oranges and mandarins

The company Naranjamania, S.L. (Naranjamania.com) was founded by a farming family who strive to deliver the highest quality products. Located in the cradle of citrus fruit production, in the heart of La Ribera Alta region of Valencia, our fields are in a privileged position with the ideal weather conditions for growing oranges and mandarins.

Mission and values

At Naranjamania.com we use traditional growing techniques, shunning the use of pesticides and other chemical products, to produce oranges which are 100% natural with a guaranteed intensity of flavour and a lot of juice. At Naranjamania.com we farm our fields following the rules of the growing system known as “integrated production”. This is a growing system monitored by the Valencia Regional Government which enforces regulations that determine how farmers can work their fields to ensure respect for individuals and the environment.

This system regulates aspects of production such as the biodiversity of the ecosystem, plant material, the earth, characteristics of the plantation, management of groundcover vegetation, irrigation, control of infestations and diseases, harvesting, post-harvest treatments, storage, preservation and packaging. It establishes a number of rules with which farmers must comply in order to pass the periodic inspections of their fields, plantations and fruit by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.