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Limequat 250gr. ✔

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  • Limequat is a small citrus, oval, with a tone that goes from green to yellow when it ripens.


    Limequat belongs to the genus of hybrids x Citrofortunella (crossings between plants of the genus Citrus with plants of the genus Fortunella), arises from the cross between lime and kumquat (dwarf orange)


    It is believed that the limequat is of Asian origin, whose plant is cultivated for its fruits but also as an ornamental plant thanks to its small size 1.50 meters which allows it to be grown in large indoor and outdoor pots.


    It is currently grown in Spain, especially in the Valencian Community where it finds a very appropriate climate and soil, in Israel, in Japan, in Malaysia, in the United States and in the United Kingdom.


    It has a smooth and fine skin with much sweeter flavors than that of other citrus fruits, which is why it is also consumed, the pulp inside has a lot of juice which has a sweet, sour and bitter taste.


    It contains seeds and the fruit can be eaten naturally, used in cocktails, pastries, sauces, jams, organic juices and salty elaborations (fish, meat, rice, salads….).


    It is a source of vitamin C, has hardly any calories and that is why it is used in all types of diets. Its harvest time tends to be in winter, between December and February.


    It is advisable to consume the limequats in the first days of its collection, as it is a more delicate citrus and its conservation in the refrigerator is short, then it looks like the skin loses brightness and volume.

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Limequat 250gr. ✔

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