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Lemons Eureka 1kg ✔

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    The LEMONS are of the EUREKA variety, rough skin not very thick, with HIGH CONTENT IN JUICE, very few seeds and a medium-large size. Its flavor is acidic and with a powerful fresh aroma.

    LEMONS have an immense list of beneficial properties for our body, apart from the incredible versatility it provides us in the kitchen, being able to give our dishes a different touch. Among some of its properties we highlight:

    -Antioxidant Power: In addition to a high content of VITAMIN C, LEMON contains numerous flavonoids, which protect this vitamin and prevent it from degrading. With more than 30 antioxidant components, apart from Vitamin C and flavonoids, it also contains hesperidin, naringenin and lutein; beta carotene and gamma terpineno, ferulic or coffee acids. All this combination of elements makes it a true natural antibiotic, depurative and bactericidal.

    - Slimming Power: Apart from having very few calories (40 calories per 100gr), it has the ability to dilute fat, so it helps with weight loss.

    -Antitumoral: It has many anticancer components, so it is an important ally for prevention.

    -Brain and nervous system: The shell contains tengeretin, an effective phytonutrient against nervous system and brain disorders. It is important to consume the peel (grated for example) in our diet, it will give a new and refreshing flavor to our salads.

     -Other properties: PH balance, prevents eye disorders, healing power (for both internal and external use), anti-viral, helps with the overcoming of colds and flu ...

    With all this, and knowing that the Orange Lemons are ripened on the tree and do not carry any post-harvest treatment ... what are you waiting for to put that kilo of lemons inside your caja de Naranjas o Mandarinas?

    In Naranjamania we give you some tips on COMO CONSERVAR EL ZUMO DE LIMON so that it keeps all its properties intact for longer.

    If you want more information about our lemons, do click aquí

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    Variety lemon
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Lemons Eureka 1kg ✔

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