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Italian Pepper 9kg

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  • ITALIAN PEPPER stands out for its nutritional properties beneficial to health. With a large amount of VITAMIN A, C and E. It contains a large amount of water and antioxidant power, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, folates, also has a low calorie amount and are very easy to digest. It is recommended to consume them without cooking since they take better advantage of all their nutritional properties. Italian pepper is one of the best known varieties in peppers. It belongs to the Solanaceae family and its cultivation in Spain dates back to the 16th century. It has an elongated shape and quite thin, and is dark green. The Italian pepper plant has heights ranging from 60cm to 2 meters. In summer they grow with greater vigor, since they need temperatures above 25o to develop in all their splendor. The caloric intake of Italian peppers is only 20 calories per 100 gr. (ideal for weight loss diets). They have a percentage of total water greater than 90% and are digested quite easily. Benefits: They are vegetables that promote the formation of collagen, teeth and nails; improve the sight and health status of the mucous membranes of the body. They strengthen the immune system. They improve nerve impulses and help burn fat. Its vitamin E content helps prevent cancer and fights free radicals in the body, stopping the cell aging process. This Box is ideal for restaurants, consumption groups or large families. Are you going to miss it! This product must be purchased together with any box of Oranges or Tangerines. As many kilos of our Citricos will be deducted as kilos you have chosen.

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    Variety Pimiento Italiano
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Italian Pepper 9kg

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