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How to buy?

To make a purchase on Naranjamania.com, select the product you wish to buy and click on “add”. The product will be added to your shopping basket immediately. Now you can either finish shopping or continue to browse for the products you need. Our buying process is quick and intuitive, so you will have no difficulty placing your orders.

If you would like to make a more specific search you can use the navigation menu to view our product categories or use the search tool to find the specific product you are looking for.

General information

I would like to receive oranges automatically during a season. Is this possible?

Yes. Simply specify the order you would like to receive, how often, and for how long, in the order comments field, by sending us an email or calling us. For example:
“I would like to receive a weekly order of two, 15 kg boxes of Clemenules mandarins during the whole season. I would like to receive deliveries on Tuesdays.”

Having received these instructions, we would dispatch two, 15 kg boxes of Clemenules mandarins to you every Monday during the period you specify or for the duration of the season. You can also ask to receive different quantities or alternating amounts during a determined period (1 order of 2 boxes, the next 3 boxes, etc.). We are open to all requests; if we can provide a solution we will.

My order is a gift for someone else and I would like to include an additional note for the recipient. What do I have to do?

Select the “Checkout – Add Gift Note” option when making your order and write the text you would like us to include on the note in the format you wish. For example:
For my dear parents, some extra vitamin C. With love from your daughter, Ana.

I would like my order to include my business card or a letter which features my company logo. What do I have to do?

Please send us your business cards or a text template with the card/letter to include with your order. You can also contact us to talk about the best way to meet your needs.

Payment options

Payment by debit or credit card

To ensure your details are secure we use the renowned payment gateway La Caixa. Your payment will be completed in an encrypted environment where no-one can view your debit or credit card number. We will receive confirmation of the payment from the bank, not the number of your card.

Payment by bank transfer or deposit

If you do not wish to pay by card you can order a bank transfer to our account or visit any branch of La Caixa and make a deposit to the following account number, 2100 1937 42 0200145399, and the name Proyecto Fruta Fresca, S.L. When ordering the transfer or making the deposit, you must also include the reason for the transfer or deposit and the order number in the transaction notes so that we can identify your payment.

Also very important, do not forget to indicate the concept of income or transfer the order number, so we can identify who is responsible for each payment.

Cash on delivery

Select this option if you would like to pay when you receive your order. In this case, payment must be made to the carrier when they deliver your order.


You can also pay for your order using Paypal. Naranjamania.com will not charge you commission for using this payment method.

Standing order



Shortly after you place your order you will receive a confirmation email which will include predicted shipping and delivery dates for each order.

Please ensure that the email address you have given us is correct and check that the confirmation email has not been delivered to your spam or junk mail folder.

On which days are orders normally picked and shipped?

Orders are normally processed from Monday to Thursday because this means they can reach the customer 24 hours after being dispatched. We do not dispatch orders on the eve of public holidays so as to ensure that the oranges are not kept in storage in the carrier’s warehouse waiting to be delivered on the next working day.

ORDER Picking and dispatch Receipt
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Monday Tuesday

I placed my order on Thursday. Why won’t it be dispatched until Monday?

If the oranges are picked and shipped on a Friday they would spend the weekend in the carrier’s warehouse until they can be delivered on Monday. So that you receive the freshest oranges possible we wait until Monday to pick them and you will receive them on Tuesday.
However, if you would prefer your order to be dispatched on a Friday so you will receive it on the following Monday, please tell us so in the comments field when placing your order.

When can I place my orders?

You can place your orders in the online store on our website 24 hours a day. You can also call us from Monday to Friday during working hours (except on public holidays) and at other times you can leave us a message on our voicemail.

How long is the shelf life of the oranges?

As the oranges are recently picked, their shelf life is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. You do not have to keep them in the fridge. You can store them at room temperature, preferably in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

I would like to place an order as a gift and send the oranges to a different address. What should I do?

Just tell us that this is what you would like when placing your order. In section 4, “Special Delivery”, select the “Add a gift note to the order” option. Here you can tell us the address where you would like us to send the order and whether you would like us to include a note, card or small gift in the box. You can tell us all this information in this section of the order form.

Can I track my order?

Yes. You will be given an automatically-generated code which will allow you to track your order via the websites of our carriers. You can also contact us to find out the status of your order.

Can the country of delivery be different to the country in which the order is placed?

Yes the country of delivery can be different as the country in which the order is placed.

Returns and exchanges

Some of the oranges in my order are spoiled or damaged.

If the oranges do not reach you in good condition, do not accept them. We will send you a new batch at no additional cost to you. Please tell us exactly what the problem is so we can do everything in our power to prevent it occurring again.

If you notice a problem with the oranges after you have accepted delivery, let us know so we can replace them and collect the faulty batch at no additional cost to you.


We ask you for your personal details so we can process your order. Naranjamania.com guarantees that your details are transmitted via a connection which is secure, encrypted and protected by Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol.



Cookies are small files created by websites to store information. They are a secure way of personalizing your shopping experience and identifying you.

What Internet browser should I use to view Naranjamania.com?

The Naranjamania website is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher, Google Chrome 6 or higher and Safari 5 or higher.

What screen resolution do I need?

1,024 wide x 768 high and higher.