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Eco Buddha Hand 1kg ✔

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    Buddha's Hand (Citrus medica var.Sarcodactylis) is a lemon-like fruit that has grown finger-like sections.

    It is so called apparently because it resembles interlocking hands praying.

    Despite its kinship with the lemon, there is no trace of seeds.

    This uniqueness is explained because we are facing an aborted fruit whose flower has not been fertilized, since the pistil of the plant is sterile. It is a variety of citron whose season runs from September to March.

    Despite its characteristic appearance, its aroma is one of the main claims of this fruit:

    The intensity and power of the lemon aroma of its skin has no rival with any of the citrus varieties grown in our country.

    The Buddha hand lemon is a fruit that can be eaten in a multitude of dishes. With this fruit, of Asian origin, you can create very tasty recipes, thanks, in part, to the fact that they have an edible skin.

    This skin is very thick and has a very sweet taste (it can be caramelized) and a very intense fragrance, details that make the skin of Buddha's hand lemons perfect for salads and even jams.

    However, the citrus Buddha hand can be eaten in its entirety and can be the key to many recipes.

    Digestive, expectorant and tonic properties are attributed to it. It provides us with vitamin C; It is also rich in volatile oils and has a high content of aromatic compounds such as coumarin, limonin and diosmin.

    At room temperature, it looks good for 2 to 3 days. Then his fingers go soft. In the refrigerator it is kept between two weeks and a month.

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Eco Buddha Hand 1kg ✔

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