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craft beer premium la Socarrada 75cl.

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  • LA Craft Beer Premium La Socarrada

    Beer awarded in May 2012 as THE BEST BEER IN THE WORLD by the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels (Belgium). The International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) Brussels (Belgium) awards in its 2012 edition

    Beer The Socarrada with Gold Star. This organization based in Brussels formed by a panel of 60 experts sommeliers and chefs of the best cuisines in the world makes a blind tasting of various food and beverage products worldwide. Then those who have passed a note of 7.5 out of 10 obtained a rating of "Superior Taste" or "Premium Taste Award" Gold Star one of the best beers in the world 2012. The Craft Beer Xativa "The Socarrada" not only exceeds the note but is awarded the Gold Star. This is a beer that following the German purity law of 1516 it is made without filters, without additives or pasteurization, ensuring product quality.

    The ingredients of "The Socarrada" are water, hops, barley malt, yeast, and the secret of its particular smell and taste: rosemary and rosemary honey.
    Made with natural, high quality ingredients, aroma, the essence of rosemary translada us squarely to the Mediterranean. Its creators were fixed in these particular components to think differently but quality beer, a beer that was "mel of romer" typical Valencian phrase used to express that something is exceptional special. The name of the beer comes from both its colors toasted as the gentile neighbors Xativa, the "socarrats" meaning "burnt" because Felipe V burned the town of Xativa in June 1707.


    Ingredients: Made from barley malt, honey rosemary and rosemary, hops and yeast. Beer with roasted sweet and spicy with Armos rosemary and honey tones.


    With regard to the tasting:

    1. Before serving. When opening the smell of CO2 not found in beer then it shows. Fresh, clean scent.

    2. Color. Amber-honey. Semitransparent and dense.

    3. Odor. Remember Bockbier a beer style without the smell of alcohol. Freshness experience is repeated. A touch of discreet wood, possibly due to yeast also appears. It is very obvious and dominates the profile rosemary smells of toast and bread soaked bark. In the third tasting notes appear cherry, caramel, pear and black pepper.

    4. Aroma. The palate confirms the above and can notice a remarkable aspect of freshly cut grass, probably due to the English hops or ethanol oxidation.

    5. bitterness. Discreet bitterness, to the remarkable long dryness, but not annoying.

    6. Other. Fair and accurate effervescence. Heartburn No note, no diacetyl, no DMS (dimethyl) is perceived. Eventually slight astringency. Profile remarkable persistence of toasted malts in the sweet side. Return slow and persistent dryness.

    7. General appreciation. A very high quality oil with malt profile very carefully and so well done. Very interesting "hot" and nice tasting "fresh" tasting. A balanced oil but raw rosemary profile.

    8. Gastronomy. Hams, pate, vegetables, pork. A dish that is in perfect harmony with it is a diet of figs and foie, rice of all kinds, plus paella with aromas of rosemary.


    We suggest taste it in wine. Consume preferably at a temperature of 5-8 ° C. To serve, lift the bottle so that the liquid break against the bottom of the cup or glass and foam generation, for it is advisable not to tilt the cup. Serve half a glass to better appreciate their aromas. Alcohol content: 6% Alc.Vol. Beer approx .: 188 calories kcal International Bitterness Unit: 23 (IBU) s / 100


    The Socarrada used in its manufacture exclusively raw materials of the highest quality.

    Like an Artisan Beer Beer of Industrial development is distinguished?


    An Artisan Beer is a high quality product that has not been added preservatives or stabilizers or additives, a 100% natural. A good craft beer is made exclusively with a selection of the best malts, usually barley or wheat malt, yeast and hops in flower. An Artisan Beer has not been pasteurized or filtered allowing you to keep all the nutritional and organoleptic properties. We are facing a spoiled beer individually by the hands of the brewer. A hallmark of craft beer is the yeast sediment left in the bottom of the bottle, so it is recommended to keep it upright and do not serve beer last blow.


    Source: Xativa, Valencia.

    Style: Winter Honey Ale, Triple malt and double fermentation

    Brewmaster: Rafael Suñer



    No sales to persons under 18 years. Naranjamania recommends responsible consumption.

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craft beer premium la Socarrada 75cl.

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