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KIWI 5kg ✔

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  • * Orangemania Kiwis are sweet and tasty. The customer who buys kiwi naranjamania chooses quality and flavor.

    * Our kiwis are grown with the strictest quality standards, so that the product reaches your home as ecologically as possible.

    * Naranjamania has been cultivating kiwis for only 5 years. Which have been very intense to try perfection in terms of quality. And we are very proud of what we have achieved. We are more than sure that you will like them.

    * Kiwi is an extraordinary fruit and one of the most complete that exists, as it is highly recommended from the point of view for our health, from pregnant women, athletes, children, adults or young people.

    * Our Kiwis have green flesh, are juicy, tender and have a bittersweet flavor (although sweetness predominates more).

    * As we collect them on request, we can keep them perfectly for a long time.

    * There is a lot of scientific research that advises us to consume KIWI due to its high concentration of vitamins, minerals, fiber and a lot of vitamin C, more than double that of any citrus fruit.

    * Its consumption is normally fresh as fruit, peeling it whole or we can cut it in half and eat it with a spoon. In addition, its secondary consumption is salads, fruit salads or garnishes for different dishes.

    * Kiwi is one of the five most consumed fruits in Spain and its place in a balanced diet low in cholesterol is more than proven.

    * It has an excellent laxative power, due to its high fiber content. (very suitable for women, who often suffer from constipation).

    * KIWI is low in calories, rich in fiber, a source of minerals and vitamins, strengthens our immune system and helps maintain a BALANCED DIET.

    * It stands out for its high content of VITAMIN C, with a single KIWI we have the recommended daily amount!!

    * It also contains antioxidant nutrients, which help us slow down the aging of our body.

    * A food that cannot be missing in our diet.

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    Variety KIWI HAYWARD
    Free shipping No

KIWI 5kg ✔

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