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50gr horsetail

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  • Horsetail comes from a plant called Equisetum arvense. It has no flowers and grows wild in warm or temperate areas. Today it is a plant with thousands of years of history that is used throughout the world for its known properties. In addition, it has a very characteristic aroma and flavor that really are very pleasant. Among its components it has high levels of nutrients and minerals such as silicon and potassium. But also, it is rich in alkaloids and flavonoids that are natural antioxidants. The infusion of horsetail is popularly known because it has diuretic properties, it helps to eliminate liquids naturally. It is recommended to take infusion of horsetail when we feel somewhat swollen, we are somewhat tired or our skin is turned off.In these cases it would be highly recommended to take a couple of infusions of horsetail per day. It is attributed antimicrobial properties and favors the digestive process, avoiding difficult and heavy digestions. Preventing the appearance of annoying gases. It contributes to the elimination of toxins that accumulate in our body, favoring the elimination of fats and preventing and improving the appearance of cellulite.Today it is used as an active ingredient in numerous fat burning cosmetics. Among the components of horsetail, we find a lot of antioxidants. These fight against free radicals that are responsible for our cells aging prematurely, oxidizing them and consequently causing their deterioration. This product can only be purchased with one of our fruit boxes

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50gr horsetail

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